New IE 11 review, new changes and improvements.
clockIcon Jun 27, 2013 Source: Paul Thurrott

Yestarday Microsoft has shipped newest version of its Internet Explorer 11. What was changed and what improvements Microsoft has implemented to the web browser that shipped with the initial versions of Windows 8 and RT?

First of all Microsoft changed Favorites. In main version for Windows 8/RT, users was been allowed to simply pin downplayed Favorites sites to their Start screen. In latest of IE 11 version for Windows 8.1, Favorites were rolled back, from now new Favorites interface is accessible from the app bar.

Second innovation is touched to Side-by-side tabs. From now users can browse tabs side-by-side in IE 11: Simply snap IE and then right-click a link, Favorite or whatever and choose Open in New Window.  As well users can display unlimited number of tabs side by side, it's great because previous version of IE 10, has allowed users to have just 10 tabs open at a time.

Third change is about Sync between PCs and devices. All the stuff that you have on your IE 11 such a history, Favorites, open tabs, and settings are synced across all of your Windows 8.1 PCs through your Microsoft account.

Microsoft improved security features on IE 11. As says in Internet Explorer's 11 descriptions, from now browser scans binary extensions like ActiveX before they load, and has the built-in antimalware engine.

As well, IE 11 received Performance improvements. Microsoft removed all stuff bothered browser to run faster. According to tech giant pages load faster and users can now switch between tabs faster than ever before.

Developer tools were changed. The IE 11 features have undergone significant changes and developer tools were redesigned, as said Microsoft, developers’ tools “help you test across devices, browsers, and even Windows Store apps,” Microsoft says.

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