Alcohol 120% is now supporting Windows 8.1
clockIcon Oct 11, 2013 Source: SoftPedia

Alcohol 120% app from now is supporting Windows 8.1, so in case you’ve already using MSDN subscribed version of Windows 8.1 you are allowed to update your emulation tool today.

AS says in description,  the Alcohol 120% have received not just a support for Windows 8.1, but also brings a new smart file advisor and updates the device support list and the built-in SPTD to version 1.84.

In addition, the developing team has delivered some bug fixes and other issues found in the app, which means that Alcohol 120% is expected to work faster and be more stable on your computer with Windows Metro.

The Alcohol 120%  is currently supporting  all the other Windows versions on the market is still being offered, so users can keep using it even if you’re running Windows XP or Windows 7.

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