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The best of the mobile web 2014
clockIcon Dec 18, 2014 at 12:00 AM

2014 has seen some amazing websites, both informative and entertaining. Furthermore, the best of them were made to adapt to mobile devices. Popular websites such as Zergnet and Buzzfeed are more accessible as they can be used across a variety of devices. The rise in mobile technology has compelled developers to make their websites responsive and users certainly appreciate the effort. The result is satisfying online mobile entertainment. 


Samsung bring the name of its new Windows Phone device

We have already talk that Microsoft is planning to help manufacturers to design new Windows Phone devices and ready to invest $2.3 billion in research and development. Microsoft already confirmed that it had signed up nine new hardware partners to Windows Phone, including Lenovo, LG and ZTE along with the four manufacturers that are already signed up to the Windows Phone platform.

We have to add that a few days earlier; HTC is working on new Windows Phone handsets and will be deliver...

Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone 8.1 details revealed

For past several weeks into the into the internet leaked a lot of information related to the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update, including images, videos and even the SDK. Most important information and a number of new features have already been published and today, we’re getting another small piece of the puzzle. New video provided by Unleashthephones showcases some of the new improvements that were implemented into IE with this update.

Nokia Lumia 925 received Black Update

We have good news for the owners of T-Mobile branded Nokia Lumia 925. Today, Nokia rolled out the newest Nokia Lumia Black update for the handset, and it will be available for download in next several days. AT&T and Verizon branded Lumia 925 Windows Phones have already received the refresh, making T-Mobile the last one in U.S.

The update has been released-to-manufacturers back in September 2013 and a developer-preview version was released on October, 14th 2013. The update is mean...

Xbox One Titanfall Edition is available for pre-ordering

In light of latest comments on Microsoft website, it seems that the Titanfall launch will have a great success.  We have to note that the general response has been extremely positive and it might make a huge influence on sales of Xbox One consoles, similar to what Halo and Gears of War did for previous Microsoft consoles.

Microsoft is definitely bets on it, and already manufactured the "Xbox One Titanfall Edition" to help convince people to purchase the console. As we ...

Microsoft announced 'Spring Update' for Windows 8.1

This morning Microsoft has officially announced 'Update 1' for Windows 8.1 at the  Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain as a part of 'Spring Update'.

According to Microsoft's blog post, Spring Update for Windows 8.1 focuses mainly on mouse and keyboard use with Modern apps.

The 'Update 1' - comes with a n...

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